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Benefits of a 1 Page Creative Brief for Web Design

Creative Brief

Why is the creative brief so important? And if it’s so important why should it be kept to just one page? The creative brief gives 8WebCo, your web designer, key information about your requirements. If it is kept to one page, it can be clear and direct and our results can easily be measured against it.

The creative brief is your outline of the scope of work required, addressing certain key questions and it indicates the desired outcome for your new website/social media campaign/online marketing strategy.

When you’re sick and you go to the doctor, she asks you to describe your symptoms. If you know yourself well and disclose everything and the doctor understands you completely, magic can happen and you can be cured! But what happens if you miss one symptom or describe one wrongly? You might get the wrong diagnosis. And if you don’t disclose an allergy?  You might be given medication that makes your skin crawl!

It’s the same for a creative brief. One that’s well-written – succinctly covering key information about scope, budget, deadlines, audience, goals and objectives – will bring great results on time and on budget. If it’s focused on the most important aspects and excludes peripheral information, even better. If it includes information about what you don’t want or like, too, it will get us to a successful outcome sooner.

Your creative brief is a good tool to confirm that everyone in our team, and yours, in on the same page. It covers our web development, our copywriting and the online presence we will create for you.

So, after initial discussions leading to the creation of the brief, which has then been reviewed and agreed on, it guides what we accomplish for you.

The better your brief, the better we can supply what you want. It will assist us in planning, prioritizing, structuring the way your new website/campaign communicates and interacts with your audience.

At 8WebCo we will help you to compile your brief.

The creative brief educates us about who you are as a company, your personality, the right tone of voice for your audience. A spot-on, concise brief saves any frustration and wasted investment and keeps us on target. We will get to an end point you will love. However, if the initial brief is vague or missing information, we all run the risk of wasting time and money in getting there.

A terrific creative brief at the start doesn’t remove the need for collaboration between us along the creative journey. But it starts everyone off on the right track, with clarity of purpose and clearly articulated objectives guiding our work. It will get you to your destination faster.

The ROI from your engagement with 8WebCo following your creative brief will be stunning.

The creative brief gives us background about who you are and what you do, an overview of what is to be accomplished, and signals for us to get you there. It gives you a say in what is being created for you. Just like the first visit to the doctor for expert advice, it’s the beginning of a process leading to a solution. It identifies the issues, simplifies the way forward, provides criteria for evaluation, and leads to communications which will grow your company in perfect health.

…..from the keyboard of Victoria Morgan-Harper, Senior Editor.

Infinite possibilities. Smart solutions. 8WebCo.



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